Ocean Food History

Ocean Food Company Limited is a Canadian company headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We are a Japanese seafood company, established in 1980, and we specialize in kamaboko and surimi products for both the individual consumer and the food services and restaurant industry.

1979: Joe Nishikaze learned the art of making surimi products in Japan.
1980: Joe Nishikaze founded a kamaboko fish cake products company. It became the first company of this kind in Eastern Canada
1984: The company received a grant from the Canadian government to produce surimi crabmeat.
1985: Joe Nishikaze started JAC Creative Foods, producing surimi crabmeat in Canada.
1989:  The company’s King Krab brand became the best-selling surimi crabmeat in Canada.
1991: Ocean Food Company Limited was officially named.
1997: Ocean Food Company Limited received its HACCP registration. It was in this year that Ocean Food expanded its products to include the production of Japanese vinaigrettes and salad dressings.
2004: Sales expanded outside of Canada into the United States. Ocean Food broadened its product line to include Japanese sauces.
2010: Ocean Food celebrates 30 years in the Japanese seafood industry.