Ocean Food Company Limited is a pioneer in the kamaboko and surimi products industry in Canada. The company has strong roots in a Japanese heritage and prides itself on producing high-quality Japanese food products. The founder, Joe Nishikaze, gained significant experience and a strong knowledge in developing and processing surimi in Japan before opening Ocean Food Company Limited in Canada in 1980. Currently, our company provides a wide range of surimi and kamaboko products to both the general public and to restaurants and other food service companies.

We pride ourselves on creating wholesome and healthy surimi and kamaboko. We  conscientiously choose to make our products with natural ingredients.  Our surimi is made from a variety of fish, including Threadfin Bream, MSC Alaskan Pollock, Big Eye and White Croaker. Our fresh blend of surimi is used to make our kamaboko. The care we take to create our surimi results in kamaboko that is “suwari,” springy in texture and flavourful. Our kamaboko is high in protein and low in cholesterol.

Ocean Food products are available in Asian supermarkets and specialty stores in Canada and the United States. We take special orders for restaurants and other food service industries, and can deliver bulk orders.  We can also help your business create a private label brand of surimi. Our experts can walk you through the process and help you decide which type of surimi would be best for your market.  We have extensive experience working with many companies and excel at adapting our surimi products to suit your company’s individual needs.

With three decades of proven excellence in the kamaboko and surimi industry in Canada, we are confident that you will enjoy all of our food products.