Fresh Sea Market Surimi Crab
Ocean Food surimi crab is sold fresh, never frozen and comes already cooked. It is available in leg and flake form, as well as in lobster flake form.  Surimi crab legs appear sophisticated, much like real crab legs and can be served cold or hot. Another popular way to serve crab legs is in sushi or gimbap. The legs can be flaked, paired with a dipping sauce and served as an appetizer. The flake-form surimi crab products are convenient for using in salads, pastas, sandwiches and dips.


Fresh Sea Market Steamed
Ocean Food Steamed products are sold fresh, never frozen and are packaged as ready-to-eat. Steamed kamaboko is the most common form of kamaboko, as the steaming process preserves the soft and “suwari”, the springy texture, of the surimi.  Try our three types: Naruto Maki, Rainbow and Red.  The Rainbow Kamamboko combines shades of green, white and red while the Naruto Maki has a distinctive red swirl. All of our handmade steamed kamaboko make an excellent accompaniment on top of ramen, noodles, hotpot or on its own as an appetizer.


Fresh Sea Market Broiled
Ocean Food Broiled products are sold fresh, never frozen and can be eaten as-is. The broiled brown kamaboko and the chikuwa both offer a smoky flavour and delicious texture. Chikuwa, meaning “bamboo ring,” gets its name from its unique shape when sliced. This low-fat source of protein can be enjoyed as a snack, as well as, in dishes such as udon, yakisoba and Japanese curry.


Fresh Sea Market Fried
Ocean Food Fried products are sold fresh, never frozen and arrive pre-cooked. The products are lightly fried, giving them a delicate taste while still preserving the firm texture of high-quality kamaboko. We offer a wide range of fried kamaboko, with varying flavours and fillings, including gobo (burdock) and vegetable. There’s so much versatility in fried kamaboko that you can use them in almost anything from sushi to stir-frys to sandwiches.



Fresh Sea Market Fish Balls
Ocean Food Fish Balls are sold fresh and never frozen.  Fish balls are one of the most common uses for surimi. Our fish balls are made with a wide variety of ingredients and flavours. We have plain fish balls, crab balls, fried fish balls and crab-flavoured fish balls. The fish balls can be enjoyed with noodles and soups. You can also barbecue the fish balls or cook them at your next hotpot gathering.